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Posted July 27, 2013 by Heath Dieckert in Apparel
Solomon speed cross 3 black adventure trail running shoe

The best adventure shoes are the Solomon Speedcross 3

I have completed extensive research and field testing for the adventure shoes category.  The detailed review is being drafted. The short story is these shoes are the ultimate adventure and approach shoe! Waterproof, super lightweight, rugged, durable and comfortable, the Speedcross 3 covers all the bases.  The tread is extremely aggressive and the rubber is sticky for all your out of bounds adventures.  I’ve been very impressed with the durability of these shoes after more than a year as my go-to adventure shoe.  Literally ALL my other shoes are gathering dust in the closet. They have several innovative design features I didn’t expect that really impressed me, and our testing turned up no issues.  The price is comparable to other shoes in this category at just over $100.

Please stay tuned for the full review!

Research 100

Field Testing 100

Detailed Review 20

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