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Posted January 24, 2014 by Joel Schopp in Backpacking
Snow Peak Spork

The Snow Peak Titanium Spork is the best Spork and the best eating utensil for most people on the go.  To come to this conclusion we did long term testing of a large variety of cutlery and researched others experiences to be sure they matched our own.

How We Chose

1+1 = 3, SPOON + FORK = SPORK

By having only a spork, not a spoon and fork you save weight.  More than saving weight however is the joy of having one less thing to organize and keep track of.  We think happiness in travel is inversely related to the number of items you have beyond the minimum you absolutely need.  By combining a spoon and fork you just cut the number of things to wash by one.  When you switch from a spoon to a fork while traveling you don’t always have a nice table to set the other one on, and you don’t want to set your spoon on the ground in the dirt while you pick up your fork.  Eating with a spork instead of a spoon and fork is faster and more efficient for those times when you need to be faster and more efficient.  For the other times when you have a leisurely meal it’s nice to have one less thing distracting you from your food and conversation.


Titanium is an amazing material.  It is ultralight and ultra tough.  You never worry about protecting it or breaking it.  We’ve thrown a number of these Titanium Sporks haphazardly into the bottom of bags.  We’ve used them to pry open things (a confession, not a suggestion), lots and lots of eating, even used one as a chisel when the need arose.  I have never seen or heard of one of these bending.  I have never seen or heard of one of these breaking.  I haven’t actually seen so much as a scratch on one, ever.


0.6 oz is a hard concept to hold in your head.  At my home I have a normal set of cutlery including normal forks.  I pulled out my postal scale and found out my normal fork weighed exactly 1.2oz –twice as much as my titanium spork.  This means that a titanium spork will weight 1/4 as much as a typical household fork and spoon together would weigh.


Ever go on vacation and then get sick?  Yeah, there is nothing we hate more than wasting a good adventure or vacation sick.  Bacteria are evil.

Titanium is naturally antibacterial.  Antibacterial is something we look for in a tool we continually stick in our mouths.  You still want to clean your dishes as you can get sick off of remaining particles even with titanium.  However, titanium reacts as a catalyst that breaks down bacteria.  This effect is greatly enhanced by the UV rays from sunlight.  The result is that your titanium spork will tend to be more sterile than your equivalent plastic version.  A nice thing to remember when you have to wash your dishes in a stream with unpurified water, or when you are out of Dr Bonners and things didn’t come out quite as clean as you had hoped.

What Others Say

79 Amazon users give 4.6 out of 5 stars.

104 users rate it 4.9 out of 5 stars.

55 REI users rate it 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Outdoor Gear Lab awarded it Editors Choice.

Our Second Choice

We also like the Light My Fire Titanium Spork.  Unlike traditional sporks they put the fork at one end and the spoon at the other, and even put a little bit of a serrated edge for cutting on one side of the fork end.  It gets a lot of attention making you the cool kid.  The resulting spoon holds more compared to the Snowpeak, and the fork is more stabby compared to the Snowpeak and better at twirling spaghetti.

The reason it’s not our favorite come down to two flaws.  First, imagine you just used the spoon and now you need to use the fork.  You have to flip it around and hold the spoon side and any food residue on it gets on your hand.  Gross.  Same the other way going from fork to spoon, gross.  Second, the knife is a bad idea.  It’s not sharp enough to be that helpful on food, and really is hard to use as you can’t hold with the fork and cut with the fork at the same time.  The knife is however sharp enough to cause your mouth some irritation.

Didn’t Make The Cut

We’ve used a lot of utensils and rather than list them all it seems more useful to explain the reasons we don’t like them.


Foldable just means more likely to break and added weight and complexity.  Same goes for sliding.  We aren’t looking for transformers, we want something that just does its job.


Our lives are littered with reusable plastic sporks.  Broken ones.  Gross ones that will soon be broken.  Shiny ones that will soon be broken. Ugh.


Aluminum isn’t as strong for the weight as titanium.  Most things made of aluminum are kind of flimsy, and those things that are thick enough to be sturdy are too heavy.

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