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Posted August 12, 2014 by Joel Schopp in Work Out
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Whether you are swimming laps at the gym pool, hitting the open water in a triathalon, or just having a lazy day at the local swimming hole the best goggles are the Aqua Sphere Kayenne.

This best swim goggles review is based on long term use in water and countless hours of research.

The summer before my senior year of high school I went swimming at a rope swing 7 days a week.  That experience taught me that our love of the outdoors isn’t about the gear. Many times the best gear becomes invisible background to the joy we feel.  Swimming gear is all about how invisible it becomes to the experience of water and swimming.  A comfortable pair of sandals, a good swimsuit, comfortable goggles that don’t leak, and sunscreen that keeps you from burning.  These are the things that don’t hog the spotlight, but are truly essential.

What makes the Kayenne become invisible to the experience?

No Leak

The main purpose of goggles is to keep water out of your eyes, but most goggles fail in that.  After diving off the side of the pool or pulling a few laps, drops of water start to come in.  We haven’t had that experience with the Kayenne.  Our eyes stay dry every time we use them.  Always.  Every Time.  Totally dry.  We should really stop the review here.  Goggles that work.  End of Story.


To keep your eyes dry with most goggles you have to keep them super tight and end up with red rings around your eyes from the  goggles digging into your face.  We were able to keep the Kayenne much looser and they stayed leak free.  They also have high quality wide Silicone seals that spread the force out so you don’t end up with red rings of discomfort.


The lenses on these goggles are very clear.  They also have full field of view, 180 degrees.  That is from all the way left to all the way right.  They also manage to keep the field of view without being too bulky.


Ultra-violet light adds up over time and can cause or contribute to several different eye diseases.  Many of us put sunscreen on our skin but don’t even think about protecting our eyes.  Luckily even the clear lenses on the Kayenne have 100% UV protection.  Score one for eye health.

Additionally most plastic lenses tend to degrade and become hazy over time as UV light breaks down the plastic.  The lenses in the Kayenne are treated to resist the effects of UV degradation.  Score one for long life.

Easy Adjustment

With the Kayenne you can tighten the strap by simply pulling on the loose end.  To loosen simply press the button and pull the goggle lenses forward.  Tightening and loosening can be done with one hand.  Even better there is no slippage once adjusted, so unless the size of your head changes you will only have to adjust them once.

What Others Say

TriBomb declares the Kayenne “A TriBomb Favorite!”

Choice, Australia’s leading consumer organization, tested 17 pairs of goggles and found the Kayenne to be the top scoring

1105 Amazon users rated the Kayenne 4.4 out of 5 stars

151 Swim Outlet users rated the Kayenne 4.5 out of 5 stars

13 REI users rated the Kayenne 4.7 out of 5 stars

42 Dick’s Sporting Goods users rated the Kayenne 4.8 out of 5 stars


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Joel is a a rock climber, canoer, backpacker, camper, father, skiier, programmer, swimmer, cyclist, zipliner, kayaker, and adventurer in no particular order. He is president of the Central Texas Mountaineers, Texas regional coordinator for the Access Fund, and sits on the board of the non-profit Ascend Outdoor Adventures. Joel wants you to have the best gear so you don't think about your gear and instead focus on the wonder that is the outdoors.


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