Best Walkie Talkie

Introduction Two way radios, also known as walkie-talkies seem simple in concept. You push a button and talk, and the person on the other end hears you. These can be amazingly useful outside when hiking, rock climbing, paddling...


Best Large Headlamp

The Fenix HP11 is the best large headlamp for most people based on our long term testing and abuse. Introduction In our best small headlamp review we stated that the Fenix HL21 is the best headlamp for most people.  We stick b...

Fenix HL21

Best Small Headlamp

The Fenix HL21 is the most rugged and best value of all small headlamps based on our in depth review and long term testing. We prefer headlamps over flashlights.  That’s head torches over hand torches for our British rea...