Our Experts

Duy Le

Duy is a rock climber, fly fisherman, backpacker, and paddler. He has climbed in some of the most spectacular places in North America from Yosemite and Zion to Squamish, BC. During the summer, you can find him guiding anglers to big beautiful fish in Alaska. His experiences in these remote places have inspired him to share his passion for the great outdoors with others. Duy believes in quality gear that is built to last. He believes buying less is better for the environment and loves to yell, “No duct tape? No respect!” at opportune moments around friends and strangers alike.

Evening Galvin

Evening is the Rugged Individual's editor. She makes sure that all our punctuation is perfect and has a way of making sure everyone is moving in the right direction.

Heath Dieckert

Heath is a an adventurer, father, rock climber, and adventure gear fanatic. As you can probably tell from this site, he's not much of a blogger or writer. Most of the time he can be found at the local or distant crag grunting his way up a relatively easy route using as little form and as much upper body strength as possible.

Joel Schopp

Joel is a a rock climber, canoer, backpacker, camper, father, skiier, programmer, swimmer, cyclist, zipliner, kayaker, and adventurer in no particular order. He is president of the Central Texas Mountaineers, Texas regional coordinator for the Access Fund, and sits on the board of the non-profit Ascend Outdoor Adventures. Joel wants you to have the best gear so you don't think about your gear and instead focus on the wonder that is the outdoors.

Sarah Schopp

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